Informed consent for responsible, remote research

Make it easy to ask for consent. Make it painless to manage compliance. Scale it operationally at light speed.

Faster. Better. More compliant.

Help your team move from old, inefficient processes that make life difficult for you and your participants and start building trust through transparency today.

The old way

  • Spending an hour finding a decent consent form you can copy
  • Emailing people a PDF or Word doc, hoping they still have a printer so they can sign it
  • Using a survey tool that doesn’t let people change their mind about taking part
  • Spending half an hour in emails trying to figure out who has or hasn’t given consent yet
  • Leaving your consent forms in a drawer or locker somewhere
  • Having no idea what you have permission for and hoping that no-one asks
  • Forgetting to delete your research data
  • Breaking a sweat when someone tells you they want to withdraw from your research
  • Having mild panic attacks when you receive a data subject access request
  • Having to spend hours with the new person talking about admin when you leave or move to a new team

With Consent Kit

  • Generate a compliant consent form, specific to your research method in a few clicks
  • Use the same form to ask remotely, or in person. We automatically switch to a user friendly signature depending on how you ask
  • Participants keep a receipt of consent, which they can update if they want - notifying you if they do
  • Quickly track who has or has not agreed from the project dashboard
  • Consent is immediately backed up, safe and secure in the cloud
  • Linking research recordings to consent shows where everything is and what you have permissions for
  • We’ll send you reminders with links to delete when the retention policy in your consent form is about to expire
  • Respond to data access requests and initiate withdrawals from research in seconds, not weeks
  • Quickly assign or re-assign researchers to new projects. Assign as an owner and they receive all notifications and responsibilities.

Manage responsibilities around relationships

Your responsibilities don’t rest on a transaction.

They start as soon as you recruit and don’t stop until you delete or anonymise their data.

Your complete kit for kickass compliance

Things to save time. Things to stay compliant. Things to help you scale.

Modular forms

A powerful, modular templating engine

Create project specific consent forms in a few clicks - populate with data from the method, client and researcher.

inline edit icon

Inline consent document editor

Make quick edits to generated consent forms. Provide guidance for what to write with [placeholders].

brand your forms

Accessible, branded consent forms

Add your logo to create on-brand forms that meet stringent WCAG accessibility standards.

signature icon

Adaptive signatures

Use the same template to ask remotely or in person - we’ll switch how they sign to the easiest method.

bulk emails

Bulk emails

Securely send all your forms out in one go - make it look like its from your own email address.

realtime responses icon

Realtime responses

See at a glance who has or has not signed in seconds, or we can send updates straight to your inbox.

roles icon

Role based permissions

Collaborate quickly and safely while controlling access to other projects and sensitive information.

enable participants rights icon

Fulfil participant's rights

Fulfil participants rights to withdraw, access their data and erasure in seconds, not weeks.

reminder to delete icon

Reminders to delete

Whatever the retention period agreed in the consent form - you’ll never forget to delete recordings again.

audit trail icon

Participant audit trails

Automatically log every interaction with each participant, every time you use the platform.

search participants icon

Search participants

Admins can search across all projects to find participants and their data in seconds.

DSAR and FOI reporting

DSAR / FOI reporting

Generate reports for participants and fulfil data subject access requests in seconds, not weeks.

Loved by teams and individuals

picture of Catherine

"Consent Kit allows consent to be captured safely and easily, freeing up time for actual research. It reassures participants that their data is being handled with care."

Catherine Malpass
Lead Researcher, Co-op Digital
picture of Lauren

"Consent Kit has helped us reassure and track participants in complex, ever shifting projects, allowing us to move quickly in co-creating solutions to challenging social issues."

Lauren Coulman
Founder, Noisy Cricket
picture of Megan

"Consent Kit made it very easy to get the whole team up and running quickly. Reminders to delete our data help us keep on top of things - everything is in one place now."

Megan Lovett
Product Manager, Hiring Hub

What to expect on your 30 day free trial

  • No credit card required upfront
  • Unlimited use of Consent Kit, for 30 days
  • You own your data, we do not share it with anyone
  • After 30 days if you are not ready pay, you can download your consent with no obligations.

"I kept expecting something to pop up, saying unlock your account to activate, but it never did!

We were able to really put it through it’s paces on a live project - it was great!”

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GDPR Compliance

Designed and built to support the most stringent data privacy laws globally.

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World class support

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Training & resources

We’re committed to the education and development of research ethics. See our free tools and workshops.

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Data ethics & security as standard

Designed to minimise the spread of personally identifiable information across notifications, your tools and your workflow.

Automatic encryption and bank grade security keep responses safe in a secure, access managed location.