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  • How we handle participant data

    At Consent Kit, we believe that how companies handle and process the information we provide them is fast becoming a key factor in deciding which services to use.

  • Recording and managing informed consent

    In the UK, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has published a helpful checklist, in line with the GDPR, for how you record and manage informed consent.

  • What is informed consent?

    Before you do any research, you need to get evidence that the person you are learning from has understood your research, the potential consequences for them and that they have given you their permission to take part. This applies to people both outside and inside your organisation.

  • Defining our culture and ways of working

    In 2016 I began working on a research project called Ethics Kit to understand how we could augment existing design thinking processes with ethical considerations; to ensure that the changes we are making benefit all aspects of society. It became apparent that there was an opportunity to help researchers and their teams with Informed consent as both an artifact and a process.

Perfect your informed consent process

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