Our team

  • Phil Hesketh
    Founder / Design & Research

    As a service designer and user researcher, Phil founded Ethics Kit in 2017. Developing tools to enable ethical considerations within design workflows.

    After completing an MA at Hyper Island, Phil went on to work with clients such as Co-op Digital, Common Good (now Loved By), UNHCR, and Hiring Hub. With his work informing his research into informed consent, developing it into a tangible product was the logical next step.

  • Ben Aldred
    Founder / Engineer

    For a full stack developer and technical consultant, our co-founder Ben has a tonne of experience of community building through Lean Startup Manchester and co-creating and hosting Manchester's first LeanConf.

    Prior to working on Consent Kit, Ben worked at Co-op Digital and the BBC, bringing a solid understanding of enterprise development experience to the table, alongside his Lean Startup chops.

Perfect your informed consent process

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