Informed consent,
made simple.

Standardise how you write, obtain and manage informed consent. Save hours in admin each time you research and make life easier for your participants.

We're on a mission...

Consent Kit removes the friction for organisations to manage their research data and relationships using informed consent. From implementation to everyday use - we enable you to build trust through transparency with the people you’re learning from.

Everything your team needs to get informed consent properly

Generate highly personalised, accessible forms in just a few clicks, make it easy for participants to sign them and see at a glance who has and has not signed.

No more paper
Data hygene by design

Know where everything is, all the time

Every interaction builds a picture of your engagement with each participant. How they were asked, what they agreed to and where their data is - all stored in a central, searchable location.

Respecting people’s rights has never been easier

Search all participants and quickly generate human readable reports or kick start their withdrawal from research. We’ll remind you when you need to delete data.

Find participants fast

Compliance and security as standard

Keeping your data compliant and safe. Find out more about how we handle information security.

You own your data

We believe trust is central to any relationship. Even on our free trial, you own your data. You are free to download it and leave whenever you want. When we delete your data, it’s gone forever. We don’t use it for other purposes and will never sell it to anyone else.

Loved by teams and individuals

"Consent Kit allows consent to be captured safely and easily, freeing up time for actual research. It reassures participants that their data is being handled with care."

Catherine Malpass
Lead Researcher, Co-op Digital

"Consent Kit has helped us reassure and track participants in complex, ever shifting projects, allowing us to move quickly in co-creating solutions to challenging social issues."

Lauren Coulman
Founder, Noisy Cricket

"Consent Kit made it very easy to get the whole team up and running quickly. Reminders to delete our data help us keep on top of things - everything is in one place now."

Megan Lovett
Product Manager, Hiring Hub

We're trusted to manage consent